Zbrush 2018 Beta images

28 March 2018
Had a blast with Pixologic working on the 2018 beta.  Here are my images with some extra ones you wont see anywhere else ;)

Dodgy Chap no.2

21 January 2018
Another head sculpt WIP for an ongoing project.

New Project

15 January 2018
Here's a headsculpt to kick off a new collaborative project i'll be working on this month and next, should be fun, hopefully be able to update the blog with new images as i have them.  At some point between now and April i also plan to finish Eldorado, but this new one takes priority.

Sleeping Beauty

02 January 2018
More progress on Eldorado... all set for 2018 :D

Disclaimer: Computer melt down right on New Years Eve, I mean the kind that when you press the power button, nothing happens :( Now using my spare, which for whatever reason, has this funky pink UI for zbrush.   

Sutton Hoo mask WIP

08 December 2017
Some WIP shots of my version of the Sutton Hoo mask for a personal project Im working on.  I decided to stray slightly from the original design and do some story telling by adapting the original panels and sculpting new alphas from them (created by sculpting on a plane and using Grabdoc). Great fun, and I'll definitely be able to use them on other parts of the project :D


02 December 2017
First blog post, yay :D :D Thought I'd start with a WIP of something I've been working on for a while now - Eldorado, an adaptation of a Dulac illustration in rather fond of.